You’ll Never Guess The One Gift Chrissy Teigen Gives John Legend Every Christmas


John Legend is the ultimate gift giver. I mean, it’s not even Christmas yet and he’s already immortalised his wife and daughter in the music video for his latest hit, “Love Me Now.”

Legend sets the bar pretty high. Finding the perfect gift for your S.O. is hard enough as is, but being married to the most romantic man alive presents an added challenge. We can’t imagine the anxiety Chrissy Teigen feels when it’s time to pick a gift for Valentine’s Day—she'd better start planning now.

V-day aside, when Christmas comes around, Teigen has a plan. The model admitted to CNN that she gives her husband the same gift every year: "I get him a suede man bag every year that he looks forward to because he uses it every single day for that year.” Brilliant. "There's nothing he looks forward to more than that bag."

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