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Every day images of celebrities in various poses upon various items float around in our general whereabouts. We see famous faces on red carpets, stars on stage, actresses on magazine covers, and now, thanks to an Instagram account of the same name, we see celebs on sandwiches.

The brainchild of Los Angeles-based director and artist Jeff McCarthy, Celebs on Sandwiches is a blend of pop culture and food porn and officially our new favorite guilty pleasure account. It’s a confusing mix, for sure, and that’s why we caught up with McCarthy to find out all the details about his quirky account, which features the likes of Shaq, Nicki Minaj, and Jessica Alba onto sandwiches.

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Keep reading to learn all about the unlikely couple that is celebrities and sandwiches.


How did you come up with the idea for this account? Why celebrities and sandwiches?

The idea originally came to me, naturally, while eating a sandwich. Our culture has a pretty serious love for celebrities and food, so pairing the two together just made sense. Instagram always felt like the perfect venue, so I posted the first painting and the series was born soon after.

How do you choose which celebs you feature?

First and foremost, I try to choose subjects who I think would appreciate the humor. I like to mix it up and do a balance of actors and actresses, comedians, athletes, and cultural icons. Fortunately, the response has been great. There have been a lot of reposts from Snoop Dogg, Olivia Wilde, and Drew Barrymore, to Jim Parsons, Dwayne Johnson, Emma Roberts and more.

And how do you choose which sandwiches they are featured with?

Deciding which sandwich to pair with which subject varies from person to person. Sometimes it's really specific, and might be a favorite food or something they've openly talked about. Other times, I just try to pair them with a sandwich that I think would fit their personality.

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How do you create each image?

Each image is an original 8"x10" watercolor painting.

Approximately how long does each one take to complete?

Typically they take around four to six hrs.


Do you have a favorite image you’ve done?

A few of my favorites are John Goodman, Notorious B.I.G., Betty White, and George Costanza.

What is your favorite sandwich in real life?

It would be hard to choose just one favorite, but a few standouts would be a classic fried chicken, barbecue pulled pork, or a good meatball parm.

What are some of your favorite instagram accounts to follow?

I really enjoy @love.watts and @lorraineloots, among many others.

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