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Crikey 007. When will your new identity be known?

Rumours about the new James Bond have been running rampant since it was first reported in 2015 that Daniel Craig might not return as the nation's favourite secret agent.

First it seemed that Tom Hiddleton was a front-runner, but all that publicity-seeking Taylor Swift stuff seemed to end that particular dream, then it was reported that studio bosses had offered the Daniel Craig a staggering $150m for two more films, and now the screen God that is Tom Hardy has fueled rumours he's up for the role.

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SO many names (from the plausible to the downright ludicrous) have been bandied around about who should replace Mr Craig. It's all v.confusing. So below we run through the possible new-gen James Bonds… and then we want you to vote for your top choice:

Idris Elba
Idris Elba certainly has an impressive back catalogue of work to warrant him becoming the next Bond, and support for the The Wire actor has been rife over social media for what seems like yonks – so much so that Idris (despite being 'humbled' by the support) has reportedly said that he feels like 'the most famous Bond actor in the world' without ever having played the part.

Speaking to Esquire Idris repeatedly played down the suggestion he's taking over from Daniel Craig: 'What could you possibly write differently about that? It’s the most covered rumour in the world.'

And once again, despite feeling championed by the general public, Idris is quick to point out the fundamentals.

'Every single Bond has never been chosen by that [public opinion] and, in fact, the ones that I think are most obvious are probably less likely to get chosen.'

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Aidan Turner
Ok, we're seriously excited about this one. Aidan Turner cemented himself as the official piece of Sunday night crumpet following his award-winning stint in BBC's lavish remake of Poldark, and now it seems that the Irish-born actor may be in 'preliminary talks' to play the next James Bond. While nothing has been confirmed (obvs), Karen Thrussell who produces Poldark did little to quash the rumours when she accepted a Breakthrough Award on Aidan's behalf at the Broadcasting Press Guild awards in London last year. Her explanation for his absence?

'I am sure it is nothing to do with James Bond, but we will see…'

The plot thickens…

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston up until recently was the bona fide bookie's Bond favourite, following THAT rather racy scene in the BBC drama The Night Manager – the sexy snippet managed to send Twitter into meltdown – but the British actor has actually been part of the Bond rumour mill for a while. While he hasn't confirmed or denied the suggestion, he did tell the Sunday Times that he was already a huge fan of the franchise, and that to be offered the part of Bond would be an 'extraordinary opportunity'.

Tom's sudden (rather odd) relationship with Taylor Swift put a bit of a dampener on the whole Bond thang, though, with many now ruling him out of the race completely. Why? Now, Tom is just too darn mainstream to play the UK's most famous spy.


Tom Hardy
Another British actor that is setting our Bond flames alight is the magnificent Tom Hardy. The Mad Max: Fury Road star has long been a outside runner for the role, and has been very vocal about how much he'd love to play the seventh incarnation of Bond. Last year he told the Standard: 'I would love to do it. Who wouldn’t? If I did get the chance, I would smash it out the park.' and, now, he's confirmed his interest in the role in an interview with the Daily Beast by, ironically, refusing to talk about it. 'There’s a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, that if you talk about it you’re automatically out of the race. So I can’t possibly comment on that one!'

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Damian Lewis
One of the first actors to enter the James Bond debate as a serious contender was Homeland's Damian Lewis, and even though he's topped the Bond bookie polls week after week, the British actor has managed to keep us all guessing about whether or not he's actually signed on to the franchise. He's famously remained pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing, although one slip came during an interview with CBS News when he casually stated: ‘Would I like to be James Bond? That’s the multi-million-dollar question.'

Jack Huston
A complete late entry into the Bond race, Londoner Jack Huston (nephew of the legendary Angelica Huston) might be the dark horse to lay some serious odds on. Dashing, dark and gorgeous, Jack is already known to Bond producer Barbara Broccoli as she co-produced Strangers on a Train – his West End debut. Could we be looking at our new 007? Only time will tell…

Tom Hughes
Another late-runner in the Bond race is Victoria star Tom Hughes, who has been confirmed by a source to have been considered for the role by Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. The 30-year-old allegedly caught the producer's eye in BBC Cold War thriller The Game, and is definitely turning heads right now as Jenna Coleman's beloved Prince Albert. Oh, the suspense!

Tome Hughes - New James Bond

So, those are the favourites to play Bond. Now tell us who you'd like to see play James Bond…

Who Do You Think Should Be The Next James Bond?

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