When 2 Becomes 1: VB Makes Colour Blocking A Thing Again


When 2 Becomes 1: VB Makes Colour Blocking A Thing Again by Josh Newis-Smith

by Josh Newis-Smith


How to bend a(nother) trend like Beckham…

victoria beckham woolmark prize

In a sea of neutrals VB stood out at the Woolmark Prize giving ceremony

Colour blocking can be very tricky thing to style out, take Cheryl circa the US X Factor for instance. So sometimes it takes a qween of fashion to get it just right.
Stepping out at Couture fashion week in Paris yesterday, Victoria Beckham sidelined her usual colour palette of blacks, navy and greys in favour of bold oversized orange trousers teamed with a blue blouse and in the process single handily made colour blocking a thing again. Of course the final touch was some pretty fierce go-to Celine shadow sunglasses and one of her to-die-for handbags (we are still saving!).

If you want spice up your flagging winter wardrobe take some serious notes. Colour blocking works best when one deploys two very contrasting colours. It helps to think of your favourite childhood ice cream and turn to the likes of a Twister, Fruit Pastel or a Fab for inspiration-its those kinds of punchy pigments you need to succeed. The overall mode mantra should be: if you think it doesn't work, it probably does. At all costs avoid teaming together two insipid colours like pastel shades (for once they are NOT a thing) and you will be bending the trend like Beckham in no time.

Victoria Beckham instagram
Further styling notes to self: bringing tones of the same colour together isn't colour blocking it just looks like you have badly washed your wardrobe. No one wants to look worn out at the start of the season.

With the new season about to touch down in stores its also the perfect time to do your homework on next season's colours, for the brave team pink with yellow, or for the faint fashion hearted go a touch more subdued with purple and pink a-la Balenciaga (as subtle as that ever could be). Either way you are going to have to go hard or just go home wallflowers.

FROM LEFT: Emilio Pucci and Balenciaga

Continued below…

With the designer about to show her autumn/winter 2017-18 collection at New York fashion week early next month, prepare to see a lot more of the new OBE honoree. Thank your for your further service to fashion, VB.

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