WATCH: Olly Murs Confesses To Massive VB Crush


Much has been made of Olly Murs’ love life so, naturally, Josh Newis-Smith AKA Joshington Hosts challenged the singer to a game of celebrity Tinder on this week’s edition of Joshington Hosts.
Now picking between Victoria Beckham and Cheryl is a ‘Sophie’s choice’ for any red-blooded chap, but the decision was easy for Mr Murs, following the mantra of bros before hoes, ‘I am going to stick to mates because Liam is my pal, so I am going for Victoria Beckham.’

His choice, though, turns out to be quite the long-term crush, ‘I love Becks but VB was my first crush as a kid. It was the first Top of the Pops performance and she was wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen and she was dancing to Wannabe. I was just like "I wannabe doing something right now" and I was only about 12.’ We don’t blame you, Olly, we have been girl crushing on VB for decades but early developer, much?
Given the singer’s X Factor heritage he’s very well placed to give a solid review of the pros and cons associated with picking a date between Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne. 'They offer two different things: Sharon is feisty and she would bring the animal out in me. I think she would be very bossy and be like ‘sit, Mursy’!’ Anyone else getting hot under the collar?
Soz, Shazza, but Nicole came out on top, ‘I worked with her on the show for a year. She’s attractive and great fun to be around. I had a huge crush on her on the show and that hasn’t changed.’ Nicole, if you are reading this, we can set it up if you like?

As a Game of Thrones superfan Olly was equally keen on both Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner (click here to check out Sophie Turner's most seductive dance moves). But, despite Emilia’s wellknown dragon-taming skills, the poor babe lost out, ‘they are both fitties, by the way, but I have a thing for redheads and I love her (Sophie Turner’s) style, I love her look.’
He continues, ‘I am not convinced that I would be Khaleesi’s type, I am not sure I would be Sophie Turner’s either and she doesn’t have much luck with men on the show.’ But luckily for Sophie Turner, Olly has more to offer down below than Theon. Grayjoy. Result.
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