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    Forget mascara (well ok, don’t forget it altogether but maybe give it a bit less love from now on), as blusher is your new multi-tasking hero. A secret weapon to a radiant complexion, it instantly lifts your skintone as well as brightening your eyes (make-up artists backstage even dab it on the lids to cancel out blue-tones and make the models look more ‘fresh’) but the key is to make it look as though you’re not wearing any. Make-up maestro and ambassador for Nars, Andrew Gallimore divulges his blusher rules as well as treating us to a video which showcases how to get two very different effects using blusher.

    1) Go Low
“Where you apply blusher matters more than the colour,” says Andrew. “Some women wear it below their eyes but this can look a little clownish and fake.” Instead, he advises applying the colour onto the apples before bringing it out towards the hollows of the cheeks in a ‘Nike tick-shaped swoosh’. For an outdoorsy flush, bring the colour slightly lower – a trick that was seen at many of the AW15 shows as “that’s where most of us get a natural flush,” says Andrew.

    2) Real girl
    “Blusher should give your face an injection of health,” says Andrew. At the AW15 shows, it was all about using two shades for the most natural-looking flush (at both Rag & Bone and Topshop a touch of red lipstick was patted over the centre of the blush to mimic the way that blood pools to the surface.).
    “Take note of where you flush naturally after you’ve been to the gym and mimic it with your blush,” advises Andrew.

    3) Double up

    “Team your blusher with a highlighter applied to the tops of the cheekbones as you’ll get an extra radiance-boost when the light hits,” says Andrew. “A champagne-toned, golden shade is universally flattering but warmer complexions can pull off a true yellow gold too.”

    4) Think pink
    Pink isn’t the only way to go of course (a peachy blush looks super-pretty with a summer tan) but as most of us go pink when we blush naturally, it’s the best shade for giving your complexion a boost. Need help picking your perfect pink? If you’re blonde/blue-eyed go for a pink with blue undertones. Medium complexions should go for a dusky-rose pink whilst darker skintones can ramp it up with a warm reddy pink.

    5) Go undercover
For that ultimate ‘lit from within’ glow (rather than Aunt Sally cheeks), apply your blusher under your foundation. It’s a secret make-up maestros employ backstage when they’re recreating that elusive ‘no make-up make-up look’. Always stick to a cream formula rather than a powder though to ensure that it doesn’t go cakey.

    Our favourite can't-believe-they're-not-real blushers:

    Marc Jacobs Air Blush, £28, in Lines & Last Night

    Nars Dual Intensity Blush: £30


    Becca Beach Tint in lychee: £20


    Bourjois Aqua Blush in pink twice: £8.99


    BareMinerals Pop Of Passion Cream Blush: £20


    Lancome French Paradise – Blush Subtil Créme: £23


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