The Fashion Week Street Style Trends You Can Start Copying Now


New York Fashion Week may be over but fashion month is only just beginning. Aside from the small matter of the actual fashion shows, the street style stars are putting on quite the show themselves. Here are the 10 street style trends you need to know about from the Big Apple…

Stars and Stripes

The show ponies who descended on the Big Apple certainly served up a lesson in diplomacy, sprinkling stars and stripes throughout their ensembles. Some even went as far as doing a Geri Halliwell and wearing a flag as an item of clothing. The jury is still out over whether this is acceptable in 2016.

Garb Groupies

Dig out those old school band tees ladies because according to the streets of New York they are back and go with everything from high waisted vinyl trousers to supersized dress versions. Maybe avoid the Steps tour t-shirt you have from 1999… or should you? Somethings aren’t always better best forgotten.

Gok’s Girls

Gok Wan will be thrilled, his cash cow clothing tip of belting everything is making a considerable comeback. Namely because everyone is obsessed with Prada’s corset waist belts. Great for your style, great for your shape.

Touch Of Yellow

Yellow is back, baby! It seems highly apt that with the city basking in sunshine and soring temperatures that one of the street style trends is the brightest of colours. Whether you use it to clash, add some pop or just do it head to toe, nothing is fresher in fashion. Hit refresh already!
Street Style Summer 2016

Mini Matters

This season’s New York Fashion Week was all about comebacks and just as DVF launched a refresh under Jonathan Saunders a fellow twentieth century icon also retook the spotlight, the mini skirt. Namely the assymetric mini skirt – it’s assy and sexy with a side helping a va-va-voom.
Street Style Summer 2016

Pleasing Pleats

The pleated skirt is as much of a clothing corner stone now as the humble jean. It’s even better in a pink because it alliterates with pleats, which is nice, and looks really great with a t-shirt reading, ‘pink as f**k.’ We salute you, Giovanna Battaglia.
Street Style Summer 2016

Shirt Slips

Does anyone do their shirt up properly these days? Well fashion gals certainly don’t. The trend for Tornado dressing-slash-dirty stop out chic continued with shirts being styled to reveal shoulders, worn back to front and tucked into jeans with approx. three buttons missing. The humble shirt is so darn versatile.
Street Style Summer 2016

Boudoir Babes

Jet lag can be killer so why not leave the house feeling like you are still in bed? Many kept their pyjamas on, slipped into silky dresses and readdressed their dressing gown.
Street Style Summer 2016

Total White-Out

Black is over. White is the new black. Wear it head-to-toe. Don’t eat anything involving ketchup when wearing it. The end.
Street Style Summer 2016

Climate Clothing

With temperatures soring above 30 degrees many used New York as the opportunity to extend the life of their summer wardrobes with some deploying tactful layering to lengthen the live span of their summer wares. However, others just couldn’t WAIT to take their winter wardrobe for a walk around the block, namely a lady who strutted down the sidewalk in a full fur look, with a puppy as an accessory. Her sweat patches must have been next level. YUM.
Street Style Summer 2016

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Until next season, New York…

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