The Art Of Zero F**ks Given Dressing A-La Kristen Stewart


The Art Of Zero F**ks Given Dressing A-La Kristen Stewart by Josh Newis-Smith

by Josh Newis-Smith


Take that January- we don't give a sh*t about you either.

Are sweatbands the new headbands?

We are all bored with talking about January and how ‘meh’ we are all feeling BUT this negativity can be harnessed to great effect when it comes to styling your worn in winter wardrobe. Barely give a sh*t about getting dressed in the morning? Well just use that as your inspiration, here’s how to master the art of zero f**ks given fashion like the gals at Sundance Film Festival 2017…
Sweatbands: The Ultimate Full Stop In Not Giving A F**k
Jumping into jogging pants is a very basic way to achieve this look. To really add some depth with athleisure wear turn to the Queen of give a sh*t style, Kristen Stewart. If you haven’t washed your hair or you are suffering from one of those greasy days, make the most of it and finish with a sweatband. It’s the ultimate full stop in not giving a f**k.

Kirsten Stewart
Puff It Out And Have That Big Mac WITH Extra Nuggets
Diet gone array? Sick of putting fashion first and leaving the house in your leather jacket and wondering why the hell you are freezing? Girl, pride your look on practicality and JUST WEAR THE PUFFA JACKET. It’s a thing now, in case you have been living under a rock and surprisingly it even goes with EVERYTHING including a tailored two-piece. We are calling it the puff daddy revolution AND you can have that cheeky McDonalds when opting for something this oversized. What would Gwyneth say?

Modify Military
We all have that military coat which we brought as a forever piece and shockingly army attire is trending right now. Groundbreaking. Extra haute homeless vibes are achieved by bring a beanie into the mix.

Add Some Coating To Your Co-op Look
A call for brunch comes in last minute and you can’t be bothered to change out of your loungewear? Slip on a tailored coat and no one will know you are wearing the clothes you have literally been wearing for two days straight and might have a cereal stain on. Go forth and do Bridget proud…

Haute Hikers
Sod the mountains, hiking boots are just as practical when adding a final flourish to the ‘meh’ look. Make the most of these months of being pedicure free and rest those party feet, which have been destroyed by heels. Who knew the explorers of the past (namely Dora) had it sooo good?

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