The 8 Zuhair Murad Dresses We Want J.Lo to Wear

The 8 Zuhair Murad Dresses We Want J.Lo to Wear


In all their thigh-flashing, figure-hugging glory

Fact: Jennifer Lopez knows what works for her. It's something that she figured out years ago. Decades ago. It's why she looks virtually the same—better, even—as she did when she first made it big in the '90s (we think it's the secret to her youth—that or she's legit a vampire). And what works for her is this: a list of select preferred designers and an unwavering aesthetic that celebrates and shows off her every curve.

One such designer? Zuhair Murad, who's supplied her with an endless number of breathtaking creations from the beginning. Some are sheer, others are skin-tight, a few are embellished, and all are sexy (see, above, for proof). So of course when the couturier sent his signature designs down the runway at Couture Fashion Week, we couldn't help but spotlight the ones we want Lopez to wear, which she probably will, because she's J.Lo and she can. Scroll through to see 8 of the J.Lo-iest Zuhair Murad designs from the spring 2017 couture collection.









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