The 14 Most Bizzare Moments From The Gucci Spring 2017 Campaign

The 14 Most Bizzare Moments From The Gucci Spring 2017 Campaign


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

There's no one whose vision is weirder or stranger than Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele. It's a point of pride. It's also how this relatively unknown designer skyrocketed to fame practically overnight, with his refreshing POV and eclectic mash-up of ideas. And it's exactly what he tapped into—the weird, the strange, the utterly bizarre—for the luxury brand's spring/summer 2017 campaign.

Under the direction of Michele himself and shot by Glen Luchford, the campaign is inspired by intellectuals and artists who call Rome their home, paying homage to the likes of Cy Twombly, Mario Schifano, and Laura Betti. As such, the narrative follows a cast of characters clad in signature Gucci threads in Rome performing both everyday and abnormal acts in surreal scenarios. There they are feeding grapes to giraffes at the Parco degli Acquedotti, and then again swimming at the Trevi Fountain with, impressively, a tiger.

The result: A series of eccentric, wonderfully Gucci snaps. Behold, the 14 most bizarre ones.

1. Fanciest Head Massage Ever

Going rate: $1,000,000/hour

2. Playing Tourist in a Tux

Cheesin' in Gucci.

3. Sunbathing at the Trevi Fountain

When you mistake a historical landmark for the beach.

4. Midnight Munchies

Burger + fries = life

5. When Your Jaguar Is Hangry

No limbs are safe.

6. First Thought: Are Those Latex Socks?

Second thought: Terrified for whatever's in the tiger's line of vision.

7. Tiger Photobomb


8. Couple's Pic Gone Wrong

Take 100.

9. When You're On Hold

Perfect time for dessert.

10. Cuddle Buddies

Cue: "We Found Love"

11. Guest of Honor: Sophie the Giraffe

Being fanned and fed grapes? Life, made.

12. Shoes On the Bed


13. The Most Casual Lean


14. Who's Watching the Tiger?

No one.

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