Russell Simmons Files $35,000 Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser

Russell Simmons is taking legal action against a woman who accused him of rape.

In legal documents obtained by E! News, the music producer demands that the woman listed as Jane Doe pay him $35,000 after accusing him of rape, "for purposes of publicity, which this case has garnered." The case in which the woman sought $10 million was eventually thrown out since the statute of limitations has passed, but Simmons claims her actions were "baseless and was filled for an improper purpose."

Aside from the money, the music mogul requests that the judge impose sanctions against the attorney representing Jane Doe, Mr. Mastroianni, since the lawyer and plaintiff "falsely suggests in her opposition… that Mr. Simmons is somehow more culpable here because the law firm that represents him in this action also has represented Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein."

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