Project 13: Your Most Aspirational Mum Blog Winner Is…


When kids aren’t being cute, they’ve usually got food all over their face, or are sulking about not being able to wear their princess dress for the fifth day running. Our Aspirational Mum winner keeps it real, sharing the sweet moments along with the slightly stroppy. Your winner is…

Giovanna’s World
Blogger, author, actress, wife to McFly’s Tom (yes, you’ve definitely seen those viral wedding speech videos), mother to Buzz and Buddy and sister to TOWIE’s Mario – there really is a lot going on in Giovanna’s World. And still, Gi finds time to vlog about her daily life as a mum of two young boys, post video letters to her sister-in-law and be a bestselling fiction writer. Impressive. When her 746k Instagram followers aren’t checking out the boys’ toys, they’re on holiday with Giovanna and Tom or hearing her relatable chats about motherhood over on YouTube.

How do you juggle being an author, an actress, a YouTuber and having a family?
Get rid of your social life! My husband (McFly’s Tom Fletcher) and I work a lot in the evenings, and knowing we have a limited time makes us work harder. We also have one night midweek which is family night. I hope when my kids grow up they see their mum chased her dreams and was the best mum to them that she could be.

Tell us why you started a blog.
I was acting and feeling negative after being rejected for jobs, so I posted positive things in my life on a blog. That turned into vlogging, then I had the boys and they became a part of that.

Will there come a point when your kids don’t want to be in videos?
I don’t know, but if they do I have to be respectful. Even now if Buzz doesn’t want to take a photo, I’m not going to force him. I don’t feel like I need to plaster them over the internet everyday, and I don’t show tantrums – the last thing I’d think of doing would be getting my camera out!

Your wedding and pregnancy announcement videos went viral – is the simple sonogram announcement over?
People do tend to get creative about it now, but you don’t have to! If and when I have baby number three, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot… We had no idea these videos would get so big – Tom is now known as the wedding speech guy, not the McFly guy.

What’s the biggest myth about being on social media?
The thought that everything’s perfect. If you take someone’s phone, you’ll see that nobody takes pictures of the bad times. Instagram Stories are painting a much more real picture of people you follow, who can be completely different to how you thought they were.

Did you enjoy the InStyle shoot?
I was really worried about it beforehand, but I loved it. It’s amazing how powerful the images are. It’s cool to wear something I’m not used to, and it’s sweet that people bothered to vote.

What is the best thing that’s happened to you since you started vlogging?
My YouTube Play button! I only figured out how to get it when I was on 150k subscribers, I’ve got a long way to wait for the million one.

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