Project 13: Your Best Fitness And Wellbeing Blogger Is…


Ok. So we’re definitely not making the most of our gym membership, but at least with our Best Fitness And Wellbeing Blogger, we can keep up at home. Your winner is…

AJ Odudu
How do you get noticed at home when you’ve got seven brothers and sisters? Get sporty, in AJ Odudu’s case. The TV presenter and fitness blogger started her active lifestyle back in the ‘90s, and now posts her health hacks, workout routines and favourite cookbooks on her YouTube channel, blog and Instagram account. The best thing about AJ? She’s totally real. Yes, she sweats, but she has a glass of wine with friends and a sweet treat when she wants to. Everything in moderation!

We caught the ever-busy AJ to get her top tips on how to keep up your workout routine (when you really can't be bothered)

Why did you start a fitness blog?
I’ve always been into fitness – in a family of eight, you have to be sporty to stand out! My blog was born out of being rejected for a TV job. I was gutted, but turned the negative to positive and qualified in personal training, documenting everything online.

How do you stay motivated?
My body is the one thing I have full control of, and I find that thought empowering. I also look at other influencers online, especially mums, and think ‘I’m knackered, how are you doing this with a bunch of kids’?

What inspirational tips do you have for other people?
Get your head in the game. A lot of people sign up to a gym, get new trainers and download some diet plan, but I would recommend listening to podcasts, talking to people with positive energy, then get into a routine.

How strict should our workout routine be?
It’s baby steps. Instead of thinking you’ll go to the gym every day, stick to one hour a week. It’s the same with food; work on breakfast, then when you’ve nailed that, focus on lunch and dinner. It’s too much all at once.

Is it hard to stick to a routine with a hectic lifestyle like yours?
I try and see everything as fun. If your head is positive, everything you do stays positive. Never beat yourself up for eating a Snickers. Enjoy it, then make sure your next meal is really nice.

What’s the best thing to eat before a workout?
Before a morning workout I have a handful of almond or brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, loads of water and maybe a yogurt. Afterwards, I discovered for the equivalent of a big bowl of cereal, I can have a slice of toast, two poached eggs, cucumber, tomatoes and spinach.

What are your tips for working out at home?
Dynamic but small exercises are best if you’ve got thin walls. I recommend picking five of your favourite exercises, doing 20 of each five times. I love Russian twists, burpees, mountain climbers, push ups and massive star jumps.

Do you ever have slob days?
Yeah, I’ll eat chocolate, pizza, burgers and I drink… My hangover cure is ramen. I don’t put as much alcohol on social media as I actually drink so my young audience don’t think it’s cool to get wasted.

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