Project 13: Your Best Beauty Blogger Winner Is…


Multi-masking? Galaxy hair? Marble manicures? This beauty icon has it covered. Your Best Beauty Blogger winner is…

Lily Pebbles
When Lily Pebbles talks beauty, people listen. 955k people to be exact, across her hugely successful YouTube channel and beauty-filled social media feeds. From the latest Jo Malone fragrance to Oskia cleansing gels and your-lips-but-better lipsticks, there’s not a product that Lily hasn’t put to the test. Her relatable beauty chats definitely have an impact on our bank balance, but Lily’s YouTube channel also features wedding Q&As, VIP vlogs and the kind of food diaries that make us very, very hungry. We’re going to need a bigger make-up bag…

Here's what happened when the YouTube legend sat down to chat wedding make-up, her handbag essentials and how modern women make friends.

Do you remember the first make-up look you tried? Maybe for a school disco?!
I was definitely into blue sparkly eye shadow for a while at primary school. I remember being really into bronzer, like REALLY. I just used to pile it on with this big brush and I was orange all the time. I also had a phase when I used to wear blue lipstick phase with my Arsenal football shirt. Awful. I used to play football at school. I think that people think I’m a beauty blogger so I must be quite girly but I’m quite a tomboy at heart.

When was the last time you slept in your make-up?
I never have. Even before I was a beauty blogger I was never that person. I think my mum has trained me well although my sister does and I always tell her off. Even when I’m really drunk I always manage to get it off somehow.

Was your wedding make-up massively different from your everyday look?
No, I wasn’t bride-y bride, I didn’t even want to get a wedding dress. So for me, make-up, hair – everything was just about making me look like me. Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo did my make-up and we just kept it very much to an enhanced version of what I normally look like: brown smoky eye, highlighted dewy skin, nude lip.

What products do you always have in your handbag?
I used to be one of those girls that took loads of make-up out with her but I never used it. I’m not one of those people who are always reapplying. If you can it’s nice to take the time applying your make-up in the morning and use a setting spray rather than just slapping it on as it tends to last. I’ve always got a lip balm on me and I like a good hand cream.

You have made friends through social media and blogging – do you think that’s how modern women make friends?
My friend Anna is one of my best friends now. We crossed the line a long time ago from blogger friends to real friends. She’s like my colleague. My viewers feel like I’m their friend; they are quite similar to me so if I’m somewhere like Topshop or Space NK that’s normally where I bump into them, and it’s always really nice because we have so much in common. We end up looking through each other’s baskets in Boots and enabling each other to buy things.

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