Paris Jackson Wears the Only Pair of Falsies You Need This Spring


Paris Jackson Wears the Only Pair of Falsies You Need This Spring

by Alanah Joseph |

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There's a reason ladies love long lashes.

Paris Jackson delivered spring beauty inspiration at the LA Fashion Awards on Sunday. The model appeared with minimal makeup, reasserting that subtle radiance will go a long way in warm weather. Michael Jackson's 19-year-old daughter is a natural beauty, so all that was needed to complement her dewy skin was nude eye shadow, raspberry lips and—the statement piece—long, wispy lashes.

As you already know, fake lashes brighten and open your eyes, bringing more attention to your features. The best part: Adding drama to your eyes instantly decreases the amount of makeup that you need to put on to look flawless.


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The star can thank celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, on behalf of EX1 Cosmetics, for her flawless beauty. "Paris loves to keep her look minimal, and so we worked with her beautiful natural features tonight," he said. "We kept her base flawless and her eyes the main focal point of tonight's look."

His secret for making the eyes the focal point? House of Lashes Bambie Lashes.

ESC: Paris Jackson Eyelashes

House of Lashes Bambie Lashes, $10

Before the beauty pro finished off Paris' face with the falsies, he applied a face mask and Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum (a celeb favorite) to prep the skin. Then, he used a little EX1 Cosmetics' Delete Concealer under her eyes and a mix of the brand's foundations to create her subtle, perfect-for-the-pool-party base.

As the weather gets warmer and day parties take over weekend schedules, it's all about natural radiance. Per Paris, pairing falsies with a nude shadow and highlighter is the perfect recipe for spring beauty.

And, for $10, it just might be worth a shot.

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