Kate Moss: 16 Of Her Best Quotes


On starting out
"I was 14 when I started modeling. At the end of that first day my mum said, If you want to do this, you're on your own because I'm not traipsing around London ever again like that. It's a nightmare."

On handling fame
“I was lucky to be with Johnny [Depp]… he taught me a lot about fame," she said in 2012, "he told me 'never complain, never explain'. That's why I don't use Twitter and things like that. I don't want people to know what is true all the time and that's what keeps the mystery."

On life in the 90s
"I got tired of feeling like Dracula. I wanted to see some daylight, and not just at six o’clock in the morning."

On walking for John Galliano for the first time
"I was so nervous that I couldn't eat all day. The runway was the longest one I've ever seen. I felt like it went on forever and I was up there on my own. Then afterwards, we went to watch the video at his office and someone had stolen all the champagne. There was only whiskey and I drank so much that I passed out at his dinner. I was supposed to be back at school on Monday morning and I was still in Paris on Wednesday!"

On being in front of the camera
“I don't like doing pictures as myself. I like to be made into someone else.”

On writing a book
“Well, I didn’t actually have to write anything.”

On divas
"I'm not going to be horrible just for the sake of having attitude or make other people feel small just to make me feel bigger."

On famous friends
"I have met almost everyone I've wanted to meet."

On parties
"I haven't partied since…last Friday!"

On all the fashion people at her church wedding
“I thought we might all burst into flames, all the crap we’ve done."

On sunbathing
"I don't mind a bikini bottom. My husband likes lines on the bum — men like white bums, like a frame. I don't do it on the boobs, though — I try not to have a white boob."

On getting a dog
"So, I've got a dog, and the dog's making me (dress) more day. It's a nightmare. You can't do a dog in a heel."

On make-up
"For makeup, a bit of blusher — what you call bronzer — a bit of an eye, and an eyelash curler."

On the catwalk
"Actors do like watching girls parade down the runway for some reason."

On avoiding interviews
"A lot of the time you walk in a room they already know what they want to write about you"

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On success
"People think your success is just a matter of having a pretty face. But it`s easy to be chewed up and spat out. You`ve got to stay ahead of the game to be able to stay in it."

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