Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Diet and Fitness Philosophy

If Jennifer Lawrence wants a piece of pizza, she's going to eat a piece of pizza.

The 28-year-old Oscar winner often works longs hours on movie sets, campaign shoots and other various projects, so she has a few coping mechanisms to get her through. "I start complaining. I have a pretty strict complaining regimen that I try to stick to. And I eat," she shares in a new feature with Vogue, who interviewed the star on the set of her campaign for the new Dior fragrance, Joy.

The Red Sparrow actress shares with the publication that she would rather put in extra time in the gym than restrict her diet in order to look a certain way. "I don't like when people say, 'I only do this or eat this,'" she tells Vogue, "Because I eat. I'm not very strict with my diet: If I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza."

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