Instagram’s Latest Update Is The One You’ve Been Waiting For


Instagram, what took you so long? While the app launched their brand new Stories feature with a big old splash, their latest update is so under the radar you probably haven’t even noticed it yet.

Instagram Drafts is a brand new update, where you can save your edited Instagram posts as drafts, before posting them at another time. It’s super simple to use: choose your photo, edit as much as you like, even add tags, captions and locations. Then simply hit the back arrow twice (don’t worry, it will save all your changes), and rather than the usual Cancel or Discard options, choose ‘Save Draft’. Your edited photos will then save to a Drafts folder, ready for you to post in seconds whenever you want to. Yes, really.

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While it’s not quite Instagram scheduling (we’ve been waiting for years already on that update), Instagram Drafts does mean that you can set aside a lazy Sunday for getting all your posts ready for the next few days, posting them in four easy clicks whenever you want to. Now you won’t flood your followers with your holiday snaps the second you get Wifi. The update is especially great for bloggers, vloggers and digital influencers, who often space out their stunning travel snaps over days, weeks and even months.

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Instagram Drafts comes after Instagram Stories launched earlier this year, allowing users to post videos and pictures that expire after 24 hours, without clogging up your main profile. If people were skeptical at first, Instagram Stories look like they’re here to stay. We’re definitely guilty of late nights scrolling through Stories before we go to bed…

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