How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Earn Per Instagram? Prepare To Be Staggered


How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Earn Per Instagram? Prepare To Be Staggered by Amie-Jo Locke

by Amie-Jo Locke


We're in the wrong business…

How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Earn Per Instagram

Whether it's sponsored posts by brands (bloggers toting new swag/bags/entire outfits) during high profile events like New York Fashion Week, or becoming the unofficial face of a particular label or brand purely by being a bona fide Insta 'fan', it's obvious that being a fashion blogger/digital influencer can be a very profitable and lucrative business.

How many times have you seen the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner snapping some new piece of arm candy on their Insta feed? Too many times to count, right? Well, figures have been released that gives us more of an insight into exactly how much digital influencers earn per post.

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Digital media website Mashable reached out to Influencer Marketing Agency — an agency that matches up businesses with bloggers, vloggers and influencers — to find out how much these Insta stars are banking per sponsored post; and the results are well, staggering.

'Influencers can earn anywhere from below €100 ($110) to 100 times this amount (€10,000, $11,006) for content they create in collaboration with a brand,' the spokesperson from Influencer Marketing Agency revealed.

Not surprisingly, the spokesperson also confirmed that this fee is 'highly dependent' on the person, brand and platform on which the person is posting.

How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Earn Per Instagram

Mashable also spoke to Jenny Woods, founder of the social media startup for marketing teams Zaapt, who also confirmed that savvy social media stars are raking in the cash. She revealed that one brand 'paid £17,000 ($20,749) for a reality TV star to tweet and Instagram about their brand in a series of posts.' She added that the star in question had 1.2 million Instagram followers.

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According to Woods, an influencer with followers in excess of 1 million, can expect to bank between £5,000 ($6,104) and £20,000 (£24,406) per post.

How Much Do The Kardashian Earn Per Instagram

And the Kardashians? Well, according to Page Six, those snap-happy Kardashians can earn up to a whopping $400,000 for one branded Instagram post. One post. $400,000. Holy cow.

That's the price of a small flat. For one Instagram.

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Guys, we are in the wrong damn business…

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