From S*** To D***head: Ofcom Rank The Most Offensive British Swear Words


Flip that bird girls…

UK communications regulator Ofcom have identified and ranked British swear words in terms of their offensiveness, and you might be surprised at the survey results.

It's well known that us Brit types like to swear, like, a lot. Road rage, self-service check outs, that f***ing idiot on the 48 bus that insists on eating really smelly crisps at 7am – all of these situations can regularly cause us to lose our cool, and you know, rep the odd expletive.

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In fact, many of our British celebrities and performers are known for using rather colourful language, and aren't ashamed to drop the 'F' bomb (or even the 'C' bomb, woah…) as and when they feel the occasion calls for it. In fact Adele, before taking the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2016, announced that her performance came with a loose disclaimer from the BBC, warning 200,000 muddy festival goers about her blatant potty mouth. She went on to swear 33 times during the show. See the below. God love her.

Adele Swearing At Glastonbury

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So, which words according to Ofcom have us clutching the pearls in horror? After interviewing over 200 people across the UK, and being asked their opinion on 150 words in total, candidates were asked to rate words as mild, medium, strong or strongest. Words included your bog standard swear words (ones that are 100% legit for your nan to use) right through to the words linked to race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, as well has offensive hand gestures.

These are the results…

*WARNING: Bad language below*

Ofcom Swear Survey Results

As you'd expect, the top three most offensive swear words are the ones reserved for the truly maddening moments (stubbing your toe, commuting, discovering that someone in the office has stolen your expensive yoghurt from the fridge), and the clangers you'd most definitely only use with extreme caution around the rents. But we think you'll agree that sometimes, those three words are just the only way to deal with life.

Continued below…

How many times do you mumble/think/exclaim 'what the f***' each day? Count. You'll be surprised.

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