From Pigs To Chewing Gum: 12 Celebrities That Have (Kind Of) Weird Phobias


Okay, so we all have phobias, right? From the common phobias (spiders, the dark), to the more unusual (fear of mirrors), almost everyone suffers from an inexplicable fear of something. And believe it or not, there are actually loads of celebrities that have phobias, in fact, some A-listers suffer from some pretty out-there, downright weird fears.

And, because we're a bunch of nosy parkers (and, maybe we want to identify with someone that shares our fear of belly buttons), here are some of the most interesting celebrity phobias. Do you experience any of these? Let us know your darkest fears…

Celebrity: Tyra Banks
Fear Of: Dolphins
Yes, she of the 'smize' is bats*** scared of dolphins. Apparently, it's a phobia she's suffered from since childhood. Flipper, beware.

Celebrity: Kendall Jenner
Fear Of: Tiny holes
Step away from the pancakes people, Kendall Jenner is officially terrified of tiny holes. And, it's so common, this phobia has an actual name. Kendall confessed via her blog: 'Anyone who knows me knows that I have really bad trypophobia.'
Trypophobia means that people are weirded out by things such as honeycomb, or mousse-like desserts, with lots of tiny holes. And, they really stress Kendall out. Poor lamb.

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Celebrity: Matthew McConaughey
Fear Of: Revolving doors
Who'd have thought sexy old Matthew McConaughey would have been frightened of a spinning door? They make him anxious, apparently.

Celebrity: Adele
Fear Of: Seagulls
Now, anyone that's suffered a seagull with a bad attitude (normally on Brighton Pier) will relate to Adele's fear of this particular avian species. Not only are they the size of an airborne Cocker Spaniel, but they make a nuisance of themselves at every opportunity. Begone, you winged menaces.

Celebrity: Cameron Diaz
Fear Of: Doorknobs (because of germs…)
She refuses to touch them, and opens doors with her elbows. Yes, that's real.

Celebrity: Nicki Minaj
Fear Of: Escalators
Poor Nicki. Having to take the stairs because escalators simply aren't an option.

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Celebrity: Taylor Swift
Fear Of: Sea urchins
Tay has a rather passionate fear of spiky sea urchins. And, she also revealed on Ellen that she's frightened of being framed for a crime she didn't commit. Sorry, what?

Celebrity: Christina Ricci
Fear Of: House plants
She thinks they're 'dirty'. Ooooookay…

Celebrity: Oprah
Fear Of: Chewing gum
Don't be chewing any kind of Wrigleys in front of Oprah. She's even banned it from the studio where her show is filmed. Extreme.

Celebrity: Orlando Bloom
Fear Of: Pigs
Shame he's not frightened of paddle boarding in the nip…

Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence
Fear Of: Falling
She's taken more trips than a Thomas Cook rep, and the girl is actually frightened of falling. The irony.

And finally, saving the very best for last…

Celebrity: Billy Bob Thornton
Fear Of: Antique furniture
Old furniture makes him 'gag'. So niche. SO Billy Bob.

Can you relate? Are you scared of something weird? Let us know…

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