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Pregnant Helen Flanagan shares parenting plight as she reveals plans of introducing toddler to...

0 Pregnant Helen Flanagan shares parenting plight as she reveals plans of introducing toddler to newborn baby: 'I want Matilda to feel really inv..

I Embraced Being Plus-Size & Finally Got My Style Back

My flight was leaving in 12 hours and I had everything packed except an outfit for the wedding at the center of the trip. I was surrounded by discarded clothing; and as my closet got sparser, there was less hiding my antagonist from me. Said antagonist was a dress — a dress I loved the minute I put it on, even though everything around me told me I should hate it.The fact that I had exactly what I wanted to wear hanging in the back of my closet and still was still questioning it was absurd. The problem? It was plus-size. And like most larger-than-life villains, it had an origin story.AdvertisementMy whole life I have been curvier than most of my friends; I had hips and a very real need for a bra by fourth grade. Yet, it wasn't until after college that I started flirting with the idea of wearing plus-size clothing, let alone considering myself plus-size. The thing is, I can fit into some "straight" sizes; in some stores I wear a size eight; in others I wear a 20. I know I have it lu..

15 Skirts To Get Wrapped Up In

We all know the wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg's brainchild-turned-iconic silhouette that we still obsess over today (case in point: Everlane's new wrap dress launch). But where the wrap dress is now a staple every woman should have in her closet, we're looking towards it's lesser-known sibling, the breezy wrap skirt, as the next must-have.Mini skirt, pencil skirt, maxi skirt, silk skirt, denim skirt: wrap skirts come in just about every print, color, and length you can think of. And they're just as easy to wear as their full-dress counterpart. High-waisted by nature, like most of our favorite trends, of course, wrap skirts pair well with every top you already own, from plain white tees to colorful crop tops. Not to get all cliché, but they're pretty easy and breezy too.AdvertisementThe next time you're looking to take a break from jeans without the full head-to-toe dress commitment, grab one of the 15 wrap skirts ahead.1 of 15 PreviousINFOZaraChec..

No, Vogue Australia Didn’t Fat-Shame Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is excited. So why does the Internet want to bring her down?On Wednesday, the actress shared her first Vogue Australia cover, a feat that she admits she "never would’ve thought...would be added to my life." Photographed by Nicole Bentley and styled by Kate Darvill, the Pitch Perfect 3 star (and proud Australian) is described by the magazine as "the definition of a modern woman: switched-on, unafraid, and empowered" — and that's exactly what she is. So it's no surprise that, when commenters were quick to judge the fact that a fresh-faced, laughing Wilson wore a black ballgown and oversized camel coat for the shoot, she fought back.Advertisement One fan asked via Twitter: "Why is it that every time a 'plus size' woman makes it to the cover of a fashion magazine, they wrap them in the heaviest coats imaginable?" Others posted to her Instagram: "Shame on Vogue for hiding the curves;" “You don’t need that giant coat to cover up your beauty.” Some questioned ..

Olivia Buckland offers essential beauty and fashion advice to new Love Island cast as...

0 Olivia Buckland offers essential beauty and fashion advice to new Love Island cast as she reveals the the ONE thing she regrets not taking LOVE Isla..

Kate Middleton: The fashion sacrifice the Duchess of Cambridge makes at every wedding she...

0 Kate Middleton: The fashion sacrifice the Duchess of Cambridge makes at every wedding she attends as she continues pattern at Prince Harry and Megha..

Nordstrom’s Sale Is Dropping Just In Time To Save Our Summer Wardrobes

We like to think we have a duty of keeping women up to speed on everything they need to know, whether that's the latest pro-female policy they should be voting for, how their horoscope might affect every decision they make this week, or the best deals to spend their hard earned cash on — like a Nordstrom mega-sale.Nordstrom's half-yearly sale just dropped Tuesday night, and we can confidently say it's the best one yet. Running from May 23 to June 3, America's favorite retailer is treating everyone to up to 40% off its best collection of brands. Loaded with spring and summer pieces from our favorite indie designers (Hi, Ganni! What's up, Rejina Pyo!) to cult fashion favorites like GRLFRND Denim and Topshop, it's hard to find something you won't want from the sale. And with Memorial Day (and all of summer), just around the corner, we're seeing this as fate knocking on our door that a new wardrobe is in order.To help you sort through the store'..

6 Top Trends To Try If You’re Over Gingham

Capsule wardrobes are well and good in theory, but the majority of us live in climates that change too frequently to adapt the idea of one minimal line-up of clothing that works all year 'round. What's suitable in the dead of winter just doesn't cut it come summer. Some call it a pain in the ass, but that's what we think makes fashion so exciting. Each season is a time for renewal. And where spring is synonymous with busting out our best dresses, summer is the season of busting out our best tops.Every year, we're blessed with a new crop of summer blouse trends. 2017 saw the pervasive off-the-shoulder top and the return of the Hawaiian dad shirt, the year before that we were all about gingham and making a one shoulder a thing. This time around, we're seeing a variety of options: Between baby smocked tops and the perfect white shirt (there's not just one, by the way), it's difficult to choose which look to stay loyal to.If it we're up to us an..

The Faces Of Sydney Fashion Week You Should Know

Ask people to picture Sydney and 99 out of 100 of them will think of the sea – whether it be the sparkliest and most stunning of harbors or its equally iconic, rolling coastal waves. And they're right — Sydney is all about its greatest asset: the waterfront. But if you talk to a certain breed of locals, those in the fashion sector, you'll find that beyond the glitz and glamour of a jet-setting lifestyle their most prized possessions aren't so style-related at all.Visit the city and the sea is ever-present; if not visually, then in its attitude and fashion. In the warmer months (which, in this town of very long summers, are at least nine out of 12), beach fashion stretches well in-land from the sand with togs (that's Australian for swimsuits), thongs (Australian for flip-flops) and board shorts often being worn as ready-to-wear. Thankfully, budgie smugglers (Australian for tight, small, men’s swimsuits – picture them and you know why) don’t seem to have, as yet, reac..

Two-Piece Outfit Formulas You Won’t Melt In This Summer

Summertime dressing can go one of two ways: Either you underestimate the humidity factor and wear a "summer knit" that you regret immediately, or you opt for the other extreme with a look that's almost NSFW (which doesn't exactly fly for most situations). Since both of those are no-gos, we're hoping to guide your dazed style mishaps toward a happy medium that'll have you trusting you won't sweat to death or require your own personal misting fan.To start, we created a few surefire outfit recipes with Caribbean conditions in mind — because if you can survive the sauna-like weather there, you can handle it anywhere. Using the most breathable picks from the Thalia Sodi collection, created for Macy's, each look relies on just two key pieces (so there's no risk of overheating). From an office-appropriate cutout blouse and pencil skirt pairing to a totally nostalgic '90s cami and denim duo that'll serve you late into the night, the four mashups ahe..

20 White Jeans To Officially Welcome Prime White Jeans Season

By now you know that we at Refinery29 don't really adhere to any fashion "rules." We wear "unflattering" silhouettes on purpose, we're not afraid to throw on a pair of sneakers with an evening gown, and we've pretty much ditched bras altogether. And, if there's one "rule" we've thrown straight out the window, it's not wearing white after Labor Day.With Memorial Day right around the corner, we find ourselves asking, 'How is this even still a thing?' Because if we want to cozy up in some winter whites, we're damn well going to — and no one can tell us otherwise. But, since the unofficial start of summer is here, for those who may not be as adventurous, we've rounded up some white jeans to officially welcome prime white jeans season. Because even though we say you can (and should!) wear them all year round, we'll admit they do feel particularly appropriate at this time of the year.Click on to welcome summer with a crisp, fresh pair of..

Have No Fear, Memorial Day Sales Are Almost Here!

There's a lot to look forward to come May: a general reminder that the sun and warm weather exist, longer days, never having to carry around a heavy jacket, and the true kicker, three months of non-stop weekend getaways and a flurry of holidays. The last one is sneaking up on us fast with the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day weekend, just shy of a week away.While most people see the holiday as a three-day weekend escape, we're setting a reminder that it's also the return of doorbuster mega-sales. We've been so bereft without them since the holidays that we've almost forgotten what it looks like to see a slashed out price tag. But from designer denim brands to our fast-fashion favorites, just about every retailer is holding some sort of promotion next weekend. So those swimsuits and puffy sleeved dresses you've been holding out on purchasing? Now just might be the time to finally strike (and save yourself a few bucks in the process).Have no fear, sa..

Clothing Means More To Me Because It Has To

I have lived in New York City — you know, the place known for its fashion and bold attitude, the 525,600 minutes song, taxis — my entire life, but it wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I began to experiment with my own personal style. That was when I decided that I was finally brave enough to live freely and authentically, just like the city that raised me.Growing up, I always knew there was something different about me. For much of my childhood, I attended Catholic School and was taught to conform to ideals of what's considered to be socially acceptable. Since I never fit neatly into the gender boxes, I was put through the ringer — see: emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse from peers, strangers, and, unfortunately, even my family. My twin brother would often call me a “faggot,” and my father has written incredibly homophobic and transphobic messages to me via email and on social media.Advertisement When my family found out that I was transgender, they weren’t em..

Elon Musk Speaks Out About His Breakup With Amber Heard

Elon Musk has something to say about his breakup with Amber Heard. While news broke over the weekend that the low-key couple called it quits after ro..

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and Fiancé Bryan Abasolo Are on “Cloud 9”: “The Wait Is...

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's hearts are soaring--literally. On the heels of The Bachelorette's season 13 finale, the Texas attorney an..

Sandra Bullock’s Romantic History: The Rumors and the Reality, Including the Relationships You Totally...

Sandra Bullock once famously said that she'd be the first person to recommend not dating her, "because I'll probably make you miserable." Bi..