EXCLUSIVE: Grimes On Politics, Panic Attacks And Why She Doesn’t Want To Talk About Being Gender Neutral Anymore…

For our special October anniversary issue, with a theme of looking forward to the next 15 years rather than reflecting on the past, it seemed only right that the intriguing and whimsical musician Clare Boucher, AKA Grimes, should be our cover star. Afterall, she is the poster girl for Generation – Z cool.
After making her first album Visions entirely by herself, yep, she wrote all the lyrics, sang all the vocals, played all the instruments and mixed all the beats, plus even drew the album artwork, she caught the attention of Jay-Z who immeaditely signed her to his label Roc Nation.
Since then she's sold out festivals and captured both the music and fashion world with her forever-changing style. But, it doesn't stop there. From US politics to feminism, and even Harry Potter, when it comes to giving an opinion Grimes is not afraid to hold back.
Here's a taste of what she had to say post-InStyle shoot, but for more, check out the full October issue that hits shelves on the 1 September. Plus, to celebrate 15 years of InStyle we have created four special covers. Choose your favourite above or collect all four. And don't forget to tag us on Instagram (@InStyleUK) with your favourite #FutureFifteen

Grimes On: if the music industry is reflecting a more progressive culture when it comes to gender…

‘I think there are a lot of problems with it, but I’ve decided to stop talking about it because a lot of people kept trying to make that my thing. It ends up as kind of “Grimes is a victim of the sexist music industry” and that isn’t what I think,’ she says. What she would say to a 15-year-old girl trying to get into music right now. ‘I’d say learn about technology and learn about how to produce. If you can work on your own you don’t even need anyone.’

Grimes On: performing live and dealing with anxiety…

‘Playing live for me is not that natural. I mean I’m not a trained musician,’ she continues. ‘In 2015 all the guitar parts on set were my worst nightmare. Before every show I was like “Oh god”. I had to stop drinking so I could do the guitar part.’ Hasn’t drinking helped with her anxiety? ‘Well I was only doing it before the show to prevent the panic attacks. I’ve always had them – I always think I am having a heart attack. And I would be on stage crouching behind the keyboard thinking, I can’t leave, I can’t leave. I think quitting drinking has made me have less anxiety overall.’

Grimes On: how she feels about the imminent American election…

‘It’s a disaster. I mean the two-party system is a disaster. There has to be a spending limit on the campaigns – it’s like only the rich can run, which clearly is just not about representing the interests of the people,’ she says. ‘I think because people hate the system so much it’s led to such extremism on the left and the right.’ Does she think that Hillary’s going to win? ‘I don’t love her, but I’d rather her than Trump. And it would be great to have a female president.’

The special anniversary issue of InStyle featuring Grimes is on-sale on the 1 September.

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