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Those of us who didn't stay up to watch the American Presidential election got a fine shock when their alarms went off — Hillary Clinton trailing behind Donald Trump as he edged closer and closer to 270 Electoral College votes, with swathes of red across the map of America. Suffice to say, the reaction worldwide to the news that Trump is the next American President has been pretty grim — comparable to Brexit, the feeling of nausea, emptiness and bafflement is getting all too familiar.

While some people are just going for the minimalist (and apocalyptic) black square on their Instagram, others are opting for more of the darkly comical posts we've seen through this whole bonkers election.

The celebrity crowd has, generally, firmly opposed a Trump presidency and has made it clear through speeches, interviews and signs.

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We've rounded up the Instagrams and Tweets that sum up how the majority of the world feels about today's result…

(Read the caption of Scroobius Pip's…

Take a deep breath.
Shit has gone very bad…but don't make the same mistake Britain made.
When the Brexit result came in, we lashed out.
We declared our country full of racists and idiots.
And it wasn't.
It was full of scared or misinformed people, sick of politicians…and then SOME racist idiots.
The trouble with lashing out was it gave the minority of racist idiots a sense of power.
A false sense of majority.
A sense of their views suddenly being acceptable and no longer having to hide them.
This led to a huge rise in racist attacks and incidents directly after the Brexit result.
We made a bad situation worse by throwing our toys out of our prams and tarring everyone with the same brush.
What you have now is a fucked up and shitty situation.
But you had that yesterday too.
Yesterday you had no good outcome on the ballot.
You had a terrible one and a slightly less terrible one
The worst happened, and that simply means you have to rally harder, be all the more vigilant, take action, take stands and do all you can to stop as many negative changes as you can.
When you got the first ever black president, full of hope… his hands were tied time and time again.
The great change promised was hindered and halted at every turn.
Turn abouts fair play.
Get your shoulder pads on and start blocking this trumped up piece of shit.
This election has shown how bullshit our political system is.
Prepare yourselves for the fight ahead.
Be ready to rally, to protest, to petition and to take any action needed, whenever it is needed.
Hold your head. Hold your head.)

[View the story "#Election2016: The Worst Has Happened…" on Storify][View the story "#Election2016: The Worst Has Happened…" on Storify]

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