Crocs On the LFW Catwalk: Love Them Or Hate Them?


Christopher Kane Crocs SS17

My dad sent me a text this morning. ‘If Chris Kane needs any tips give him my number’. He was referring to the news that everyone is still reeling from this morning: that Christopher Kane sent the majority of models down his catwalk at London fashion week wearing Crocs. CROCS!

What has this got to do with my dad, you might ask? Well, my dad is somewhat of a Crocs connoisseur. He has three pairs – at least one of which has, dare I say, a rather chic leather finish – and all are brown or black. He loves Crocs so much that when I first started my flat shoe blog, he joked that he was going to start his own shoe blog called The Croc Monsieur. Lol. But the main thing Christopher Kane and my 73 year-old dad have in common is that they have made me stop and reevaluate my opinion of Crocs, because both of them have somehow managed to make them look, well, good.

I don’t know how my dad manages it (I suspect it’s partly because he’s a bit of a clothes horse and partly because he just doesn’t give a shit what they look like) but Christopher Kane’s strategy for Croc reinvention is a little easier to break down.
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It turns out that if you put a moody model in amazing clothes and have her strut down a catwalk with attitude to a stonking soundtrack, you can make even deeply uncool shoes you’re more likely to find on toddlers at your local nursery look ‘fashion’.

Maybe it didn’t matter what those shoes were; if a pair of Sketchers had found itself in the same situation it would have been getting the same fashion cred in the press this morning. Of course, these weren’t your average Crocs – some had the same print as the dress the model was wearing, others embellished badges in the holes on the front – but the shape was no different.
Christopher Kane Crocs SS17
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These were still big, ugly, plastic clogs. But they are Christopher Kane big, ugly, plastic clogs. And that makes all the difference when it comes to the fickle world of fashion.

InStyle’s editor Charlotte Moore was swooning over them directly after the show. ‘Did someone write Christopher Kane a memo: 'create the most unsexy shoe EVER’?’ she said this morning. ‘Having said that: will I be buying them? They have wit and wisdom and say so much about the high/low fashion world that we all swirl around in; they’d look good with culottes; they’re comfy with added bejewelled glamour. What’s not to like? Put my name down now.’

While I am a fan of other ‘marmite’ styles of shoe that are practical and comfortable (I have many pairs of Birkenstocks and I love Nike Air Rifts with their rather unusual split toes) I still can’t bring myself to like Crocs, Christopher Kane endorsed or not (sorry, Dad).

I won’t be buying a pair. I won’t be wearing them ironically or otherwise. But keep your eyes peeled, because you will definitely be seeing Christopher Kane embellished Crocs on the feet of fashion editors and street style stars really, really soon.

And I suspect they, and Charlotte, will look great and have me reevaluating once more…

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