Brandi Glanville Posts Texts From Denise Richards In Attempt To Prove Hookup Claims

Brandi Glanville Posts Texts From Denise Richards In Attempt To Prove Hookup Claims

“She just basically hit it and quit it,” Glanville also claims on her podcast.

Brandi Glanville isn’t backing down from claims she made on the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” during which she said she and Denise Richards had a secret fling.

In an attempt to prove something happened between them, she shared some text messages she claims the two sent each other — in which Denise allegedly tells Brandi to share a room with her the night their rumored hookup went down. According to Glanville, she traveled to Northern California to record an episode of her podcast with Denise, who was filming a movie there at the time.


“Listen to my podcast from Friday & you’ll know why Denise asked me to specifically say I was staying at the hotel across the way when I wasn’t,” Glanville tweeted on Sunday. “It’s because her daughter had a friend with her & she didn’t want the parents of the friend to know that I was staying in the room!!”

“Also you will hear the uncut version on housewives which proves that I stayed with Denise we didn’t know we were recording but we were,” she continued. “Be Patient all will be revealed.”

She then posted a screenshot of their alleged conversation (above).

“Now f–k off & stop tweeting me all these f–king conspiracy theories calling me a liar! Watch the damn show!!” she added.

On last week’s RHOBH, Glanville claimed that when she showed up to Denise’s room, there was “no rollaway bed, conveniently” and the two slept together. It was on the second night of the trip Brandi says the two “got really drunk” and “hooked up.”

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As she said in her tweet, Brandi opened up even more about what allegedly went down between them and why she decided to reveal it on “Housewives” in Friday’s episode of her “Unfiltered” podcast.

“She just basically hit it and quit it, and then stayed in touch just a little bit,” Glanville said of Richards.

According to Brandi, not even Kim Richards knew about the rumored fling until after Kyle Richards’ party — the first time Brandi had seen Denise since it allegedly happened.

“Ultimately, it wasn’t a secret I wanted to share with this group because it makes me look bad. It made me look like a cheater because the next morning she said, Aaron would kill me if he knew,” said Brandi.

But when Brandi ran into Denise at the party, that all changed. “When I saw her being so sweet and nice and the old Denise, I was just like, ‘You are fake as f–k,'” Glanville claimed.

“Over 9 months I hadn’t talked about it and when they asked me back on the show, all of a sudden she was blowing up my phone again … it was just like, hmm, okay, is she being truthful?” she continued. “And then she started talking about the other girls. She doesn’t like these women, so why not tell them you don’t like them? If you’re gonna talk shit to me because you think I’m gonna keep your secrets, you’re wrong.”

Glanville said Bravo had already asked her back on the show before she made the claims and neither the network or Kim knew about her allegations before she signed on. She then told Kim off-camera the night after Kyle’s party and claimed Kim was the one who urged her to tell the other women.

“She’s like, ‘You have to tell the girls before they leave for Rome,'” said Brandi. “I’m like, ‘Nope, I’m not telling them.’ I wasn’t prepared to look bad still and I didn’t want to tell anyone.”

Brandi agreed she’d talk about it if it came out “organically,” but Kim ended up bringing it up when they were at Kyle’s. “I was gonna kill her,” said Glanville, “she kind of forced me into it.”

“I wasn’t really gonna say it and then Kim gave me the little push I needed and it was not fun, it was hard to spit out,” she added. “Bravo didn’t know, Kyle didn’t know, Teddi didn’t know.”

Glanville said she believes Aaron knew something was going on between them because they had conversations about “threesomes, bringing girls in, how they find girls” — and thinks Denise only allegedly said the whole “he’ll kill me” thing so Brandi would keep quiet.

She even claimed Denise’s ex-boyfriend and longtime friend Patrick Muldoon — who Richards mentioned in the alleged text above — thought something went down between them at the time.

“Patrick’s like, “Did you and Denise hook up last night?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Come on Brandi, she was my girlfriend for 5 years, I know Denise,'” she claimed. “On the podcast, Denise kept on asking me to say I was staying at the hotel, which we both know I wasn’t. I thought she was saying that because her daughter had a girlfriend there. I thought maybe she didn’t want the parents to think that crazy girl from ‘Housewives’ is staying in the room with my daughter.”

Adamant that she was “not lying,” Brandi also denied making the claims “to be relevant” or to get more screen time on “Housewives.”

“If I wanted to say this just to be relevant, I would have said it last season when it happened. I was still shooting ‘Housewives.’ They would have brought me back full time, instead of a few episodes,” she said. “I was embarrassed, I felt shame, like, I’m going to be crucified for this. I don’t ever want to be the other woman. I hate cheaters. We had many conversations about our cheating ex-husbands.”

Though Glanville said she looks forward to “putting this behind me,” she also hopes she can someday have “an honest conversation” with Richards about what did or didn’t happen — especially since they didn’t film the reunion together.

“I don’t feel like it’s anything we can’t get past,” she said, but added she believes Richards is “sticking to her story.”

Brandi also said she believes Denise is “actually enjoying the attention” as the gossip plays out in the public eye. “It came off to me that at first she was embarrassed, and then she was like, ‘Oh wow, I’m getting all of this attention,'” she added.

“It isn’t that serious, it’s sex,” concluded Brandi. “You can either believe her side or believe my side.” Teasing more to come on the show, she said viewers will “find out that I am a lot of things … but I am not a liar.”

For her part, Denise has repeatedly denied Glanville’s allegations — and told The Washington Post last week she “did not have an affair.” She also told viewers to simply stay tuned.

“RHOBH” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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