Blake Lively Was Paranoid About Her Unexpectedly See-Through Top

Even Blake Lively is capable of having a surprise style snafu.

Before stepping out on the red carpet for the New York City premiere of her newly released thriller, A Simple Favor, the famous fashionista realized her shirt showed a little more than she had planned.

"See the look of horror on my face?" she asked Jimmy Fallonon The Tonight Show Thursday as they looked at a photo of her from the event. "I didn't realize it was see-through the shirt, so that's not a look that I was going for because it's a men's shirt. I didn't know they made see-through [men's shirts]."

So, the star went looking for a unique tool—duct tape.

"I'm in my hotel and I call and I say, 'Hey, can I have like the mechanical department…I need duck tape quick.'"

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