Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Maisie Williams’ Emmy Dress


Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Maisie Williams’ Emmy Dress by Suzannah Ramsdale

by Suzannah Ramsdale


Exclusive photos of Maisie Williams’ fittings for her stunning Markus Lupfer Emmy dress

Maisie Williams Emmys 2016 Dress

Maisie Williams Emmys 2016 Dress

You'll have seen the photos of Maisie Williams on the red carpet at the Emmys 2016, she looked exquisite in a style that she’s made her own since her rise to fame – a sophisticated and unique take on the classic prom dress.

It was a huge night for the Brit actress – Game of Thrones was up up for 24 awards and came away with 12, breaking the record for the most garlanded TV show in Emmy history – and she tasked Markus Lupfer with the job of designing her big moment gown.

The German-born designer, known for his innovative use of print, embroidery and graphic embellishment, has designed numerous red carpet dresses for Maisie so the pair knew they would be able to create something truly special for the occasion.
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‘Markus listened to all of my ideas and created something we were both proud of,’ Maisie told InStyle UK of the design. ‘I’ve always loved his prints from season to season, so this year’s flowers, fruits and rabbits did not disappoint. I’m thrilled to be one of the first to debut the new look.’

We spoke to Markus to get the lowdown on Maisie’s Emmy dress and to find out what really goes into creating a red carpet gown.

So, how long did it take to craft Maisie’s bespoke Emmy dress? That embroidary looks intricate…

The ‘Garden Bunny’ embroidery inspired by the SS17 collection was all done by hand and it took a couple of days to get it complete and embellished. Once we received the panels we constructed the dress at the studio, which didn’t take long. I would say the whole project took three weeks, including fittings.
Maisie Williams Emmys 2016 Dress

How many people did it take to create the dress?

We had two fittings, one with the first prototype of the dress and the second fitting a couple of weeks later with the final embroidered piece to make small amendments. Four people from our team were involved alongside Maisie and her stylist.

How involved was Maisie in the design process?

Maisie has worn my dresses a few times previously so she came into the studio fully prepared with a moodboard of all designs she loved. That was a great starting point for me. I also loved the idea of incorporating elements from the new SS17 collection that was presented on Saturday during London Fashion Week to create something truly bespoke.
Maisie Williams Emmys 2016 Dress

Do you feel extra pressure when creating a dress for a huge event like the Emmys?

It was such a great opportunity to design a dress for such a high profile event but honestly I didn’t think too much about the event itself. I just wanted to make sure the dress suited Maisie’s personality and style. I wanted her to feel super confident and comfortable on the night.
Maisie Williams Emmys 2016 Dress

What's Maisie like to work with?

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A pure delight! We have been dressing Maisie for a few years now so she knows the brand really well. I love that she was really involved in the creative process and it was so fun talking through ideas and possibilities with her. The great thing was that she had a clear idea of the shapes she likes and we just went from there. Maisie has such a great personality and quirky style. She likes to have fun with clothes and so do I! This particular ‘Garden Bunny’ embroidery suited her perfectly.
So there you have it, the making of a red carpet dress.

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