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New emojis?! Apple, keep them coming – here’s everything your iPhone can look forward to in 2016 and beyond…

A Breastfeeding Emoji
In a proposal she submitted to Unicode (creators of the emoji keyboard), registered nurse Rachel Lee requested the addition of a breastfeeding woman emoji to 'complement to the existing baby bottle emoji, and to complete the set of family emojis.' An Emojipedia survey conducted earlier in the year actually states that 'breastfeeding' was one of the most requested icons in 2016, and Rachel is confident that it's inclusion would be popular. She's even proposed an idea for the design (see below). If the submission is successful, we could have the breastfeeding emoji on our keyboard by next month. And we think that's pretty cool.

Breastfeeding Emoji

Created by Joshua Jones

Interracial Couples Emojis
Yes, while we know that you can now personalise your own character skin tone, in emoji-land there was definitely still some oversight in terms of relationships – more specifically, interracial relationships. Well, new keyboard Love-Moji (brought to you from the people behind forthcoming movie Loving, a film about interracial love in the 1960's) launched this week, bringing your existing couple emojis bang up to diversity date. You can now hug, kiss and hold hands across all races and genders. About time. The Lovemoji keyboard is currently available for free in the App Store for iPhone or Google Play.

Love-Moji Emojis

Iris. Apfel. Emojis.
Is there anything more exciting to a fashionable iPhone user than Iris Apfel in emoji form?! She's the nonagenarian whose style we can't get enough of, and thanks to a collaboration with INC International Concepts on a collection of must-have pieces, Iris has just released a sassy set of emojis to celebrate. Not that she actually knew what they were. As she told, 'for me it’s rather silly, but it’s generational, so if it makes the kids happy, then….' She also noted that at least using emojis with her face on is better than using heroin. Download now!

Female Athlete Emojis And Pampered Men
Ever been frustrated that the only sports emojis show male athletes, and it’s left to the females to have their hair cut and be pampered? Apple are rectifying this terrible oversight in your next iOS 10 update, where women are mountain biking, running and weight lifting, while men can now get head massages and even be the head of a single parent family. The update will also include a long overdue rainbow flag.

New Emojis

72 New Emojis
Bacon?! Avocado?! A real life shrugging woman so you don’t have to copy and paste ¯_(ツ)_/¯?! There are so many excellent emojis due to be released later this month, and fans of breakfast foods (or food in general) should be particularly excited; paella, baguettes, a spoon and tumbler of whiskey are all on their way. As for expressions, you can now facepalm, call someone a liar with a Pinocchio nose emoji and even rock some 70s dance moves.

An All-New Kimoji Update
Kimoji is the gift that keeps on giving. Although I’m STILL reluctant to pay £1.49 and boost Kim’s Kardashian-level bank balance, I kinda want angry North, laughing Kanye and booty-shaking Kim all up in my Instagram captions. Workout Kim, you are #goals, but that’s just not realistic…

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In the style of Kim Kardashian (and, erm, everyone else), Justin Bieber is releasing his very own set of emojis! Beliebers, rejoice. He’s only shared one of the joys we can look forward to so far (remember than ‘no pictures’ rant? Yeah, it’s there…), but the set is available now on the App Store. Excited doesn’t even cover it.

Feminist Emojis
FINALLY! Google are in the process of designing 13 brand new emojis that fully represent women at work, as opposed to the make-up and shopping emojis we currently have to identify ourselves with. Yes, we love a good manicure, but that doesn’t mean we’re not surgeons, engineers, scientests and graduates too. Our only issue is waiting until 2017…

Your group chat is about to get FIRE.

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While we’re totally on board with bacon and clinking champagne joining the emoji party, there are still some emojis we wish existed.

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