A Lorra Lorra Love: Blind Date’s Back!


The 90s were the heydey of Saturday night telly. Think Noel Edmund's House Party, Casualty and of course, the one and only Blind Date. And since it was cancelled after 18 years on air, dating shows have never quite lived up to its legacy. But now, the beloved format is making a comeback on Channel 5, reportedly set to return before the end of the year.

So how will it stand up to its new rival show, Take Me Out? Armed with everything we know so far about the reboot, we weigh in…

The host

Cilla Black was the heart and soul of Blind Date (though 'Our Graham' obviously deserves a shout out), but following her sad passing in 2015, rumour has it that Vicky Pattinson is the front-runner for the role of host. Also tipped are Olly Murs and Helen Flanagan.

The former Geordie Shore star has plenty of sass and humour to nail the role, and if she can come out with as well tuned a catch phrase as Cilla's classic "lorra lorra laughs" then she's onto a winner. Paddy "No likey, no lighty" McGuinnes will definitely have competition.

Blind Date: 1 Take Me Out: 0

The format

The new Blind Date is unlikely to err much from the original format – the date has to be blind, after all. The beauty of the original was in its simplicity: three potential dates, three questions, and a big reveal.

Take Me Out also thrives on its repetative formula, though it might have one over on the new Blind Date as everyone loves an underdog – we keep tuning in the hope of seeing one of the unlucky-in-love girls score a date.

Blind Date: 1 Take Me Out: 1

The gossip

The most exciting bit of the 90s show was of course, the candid sofa-side gossip with Cilla. Remember when a cheeky journalist posed as a singleton to report on her Blind Date experience? Cilla didn't hold back when she confronted her live on air, and we reckon the new version would have a similar no-nonesense approach if Pattinson got the role.

Take Me Out has had it's fair share of awkward moments (remember when a contestant left her light on by accident?), but there's nothing like a live chat to make a contestant squirm – so bring on the new Blind Date.

Blind Date: 2 Take Me Out: 1

The stats

You can't argue with solid figures so let's tot them up: Blind Date showed three weddings and one proposal live on air, and so far Take Me Out has led to three engagements, two weddings and two babies. Paddy's show just clinches it.

Continued below…

Blind Date: 2 Take Me Out: 2. We guess it all rests on the reboot to settle this battle of the dating shows once and for all.

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