A Definitive Timeline Of Dev Patel’s Increasing Hotness


There are stars that burst onto the scene as ready-made sex symbols, and then there are the slow-burners; the adorably gawky teens who blossom slowly but surely, so that one day their hotness suddenly hits you. Dev Patel is one of those. Sure, he's been cute since his Skins days, but his tour for Lion has proved he's a bonifide hearthrob.

Let's examine his growing hot-ness in pictures…

In 2007, Dev hit our screens as Anwar in Skins, the awkward one of the gang who was desperate to lose his virginity.

He also had a thing for Star Trek.

Then in 2009, he emerged us a the unexpected success story of the show's cast, scoring a role in Oscar-nominated Slumdog Millionaire.

Playing sensitive Jamal Malik, he had us blubbing in the cinema and helped the flick win a string of awards.

His dance moves were on point. You go, Dev.

And he clearly won Freida's affections too, as they became Hollywood's cutest new couple.

The funnyman was clearly a great boyfriend, even if he wasn't the smoothest…

In fact, he even said so himself when he discussed starring opposite his next gorgeous movie co-star Tine Desai in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Discussing his approach to romance in 2012 he told Vulture: "Somehow I'm romancing loads of beautiful women, but it doesn't feel like my world. The thing is, I am a loving person. I am super sappy when it comes to romance. But I'm not the Antonio Banderas, swashbuckling, Pierce Brosnan, smooth-talking type.

"Maybe I'm endearing because I'm persistent? Maybe that's the key. It's all persistence, baby! Don't take no for an answer. And the age that I'm at, men are really driven by that, by love. The day I win an Oscar and have to give an acceptance speech — because I think about that! I look in the mirror and wonder what would bring my loved ones to tears with that speech — but it is about love." What a sweetheart.

And then came the facial hair in 2015, and our interest piqued.

THEN, we noticed those shoulders and BAM, it hit us: Dev. Is. HOT. So. HOT.

The floppier his hair has got, the more we fancied him.

Just look at that glorious hair.

Mindy Kaling feels it too…

And don’t even get us started on Dev starring in his new movie, Lion. Between tears we were in awe of his face, and wishing we were his on-screen girlfriend Rooney Mara.

His on-screen mum Nicole Kidman just cannot keep her hands off him on their red carpet tour and we don’t blame her.

She’s not alone though – any woman near him is like putty in his hands right now.

Especially once they've clocked his adorable friendship with his on-screen mini-me, Sunny Pawar.

Our hearts hurt.

This guy summed up our feelings about the cutest moment of the Golden Globes perfectly:

But it all got too much to handle when we saw Dev at the 2017 BAFTAs.

The cutest part? He still doesn't know he's making women everywhere fall at his feet. Take his Best Supporting Actor speech at the BAFTAs for proof: after graciously accepting his award and giving a shout out his family for being his "driving force", he thanked both 4-year-old Sunny and "my amazing team who had the insane task of trying to make this Indian dude; this noodle with wonky teeth, a lazy eye, and floppy hair to work in this industry."

What. A. Guy.

Bring on Oscars Dev. We're going to leave you with this GIF…

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