9 Times Kate Middleton Dressed Like A Disney Princess (…Or Prince)


From Disney to IRL

Kate Middleton has taken Disney princess styling inspo and made it happen IRL. Even back in her university days, the Duchess Of Cambridge was channeling The Little Mermaid with her racy turn on the catwalk, but these days? It’s Elsa from Frozen, and even Ariel’s husband, Eric, who K-Middy is copying for her royal wardrobe.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid
She might be missing the mermaid tail, but Kate Middleton’s fishnet dress and bandeau is making us think of Under The Sea. Kate’s even working that holiday hair braid we all wore back in the early 2000s.

Belle, Beauty And The Beast
When is K-Mid NOT in a dress? The Duchess was clearly taking tips from her grandmother-in-law’s love of colour as well as Belle with this yellow number. She’s even got the wavy brunette locks.

Merida, Brave
Not only has Kate been spotted shooting a bow and arrow in Bhutan lately, she loves that gorgeous deep green worn by Brave’s Merida, too. Those diamonds must cost more than Merida’s entire wardrobe…

Elsa, Frozen
Has Elsa overtaken Cinderella as the nation’s favourite Disney princess?! Kate was less about the ballgown skirt and more into Elsa’s draped dress for this look, which she wore with snowflake silver accessories.

Eric, The Little Mermaid
We told you it wasn’t just the princesses Kate takes style inspo from! Her latest look is classic Disney prince: knee-high boots, blousey white shirt and practical trousers. Trek chic. These princes could give Kate a run for her money when it comes to glossy locks, too.

Jasmine, Aladdin
Ok, so we don’t think we’ll ever see Kate in a crop top quite like Jasmine’s, but she’s flashing a lot more flesh than usual in this aqua number. She’s fond of a hair accessory too – just a low-key royal tiara every now and again.

Eugene Fitzherbert, Tangled
The return of the boots and a practical white shirt, trouser and khaki jacket combo – Kate rocks a Disney prince look every now and again

Pocahontas, Pocahontas
Deep in thought, windswept hair and at one with nature – K-Mid couldn’t BE any more Pocahontas here…

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty
Pre-engagement, Kate was pretty in pink, just like Princess Aurora – with more of a v-neck. After all the navy and monochrome we’ve been seeing Kate in lately, can she bring back colour?!

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