7 Cool New Ways To Wear A Shirt


7 Cool New Ways To Wear A Shirt by Rebecca Gillam

by Rebecca Gillam


Inspiration from the Insta-elite

We all wear shirts loads, probably about 40% of the time. The other 50% is spent in t-shirts, and the last 10% in blouses or ‘other’.

It’s the fashion girl’s work uniform — just add jeans, culottes, t-shirts, a backless loafer and a pair of slides and you’ve got pretty much got an all-year-round capsule wardrobe.

Bearing that in mind, it’s no wonder that we get bored of the only styling decisions being: buttons done or undone? So passé.

So, we’ve been getting inspiration from the Insta-cool gang, who’ve been rethinking the classic shirt. Follow Camille Charrière and Pernille Teisback for the best social media customisation (with no need for scissors, patches or badges) of your favourite pieces.

Here are the 7 best styling tips for wearing your shirt the 2016 way…

The Under-Layer (as seen on fashion director Arabella Greenhill)

Especially when the weather's being erratic, to say the least, the layer up is an easy way to get more months out of your summer dresses and to put off covering everything with a heavy layer of knitwear.

The Half-Tuck (as seen on Pernille Teisbaek)

The half-tuck is the new cool hybrid between tucked in (too East London preppy) and out (done). Oversized sleeves optional, but advised.

The Off-Shoulder Tie-Up (as seen on Camille Charriere)

One for your holiday packing, this is one of the boldest ways to wear the classic shirt. It’s got three strong perks; #1 – it’s very light and foldable, and #2 – it makes it perfect for PM, #3 – you get to show off a tanned limb.

The Back-To-Front With One Button (as seen on Camille Charriere)

Handy to know when you end up going out unexpectedly, and don’t have the chance to go home. A preppy front, NSFW back — wear with jeans or wide leg black trousers.

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The Bow (as seen on Leandra Medine)

Pioneered by Alexa and taken over by the whole of the celebrity crowd, this easy trend is cooler than a pussybow and more wearable. Just get a length of ribbon and tie it around your shirt collar to give your shirt a sassy refresh.

The Tucked-In Back-To-Front (as seen on Camille Charriere)

This basically makes a work-friendly blouse. Caught short with the same work clothes as the day before? It’s not a desirable scenario, but that’s one way out of it.

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The Backwards Twist (as seen on Peony Lim)

It’s like a sort of Daisy Duke vibe, but backwards — making it infinitely more fash. It’s a little more relaxed so good for a brunch with high-waisted mum jeans and loafers. Necklace optional.

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