23 Things You Never Knew About Love Actually


Fourteen years on from its release, Richard Curtis has succeeded in convincing the stars of Love Actually to reunite. And it's all in the name of charity, as Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln and Rowan Atkinson, to name a few, will appear in a Comic Relief film called Red Nose Day Actually. The short film about what the main characters are up to now will be shown as part of Red Nose Day 2017, on Friday 24 March on BBC One.

But before it airs, let's swot up on the original. Here's 23 things we bet you never knew about Love Actually, as revealed by Curtis's wife Emma Freud a few years back:

1. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman (aka Karen and Harry) left viewers confused as to what happened to them after the film, but Emma has finally answered your burning question: yes, they stayed together, but they weren’t as happy as before.

2. Richard Curtis has only seen the film in the cinema once since its premiere in 2003.

3. Only four people turned up to this midnight screening – apart from the Curtis family, of course.

4. As Hugh Grant arrives at Downing Street, he greets a housekeeper – that’s Emma Freud’s Mum.

5. The shots of London might look a bit fake, but they weren’t green screen.

6. Emma still owns some of the wardrobe from the film, which she bought in the end of filming sale.

7. The scene where Rowan Atkinson expressively gift wraps the present was filmed at midnight in Selfridges.

8. Originally, Rowan was supposed to be an angel. The whole point of him overwrapping the present was to stop Alan Rickman buying the present for his mistress.

9. January Jones penned most of her own lines in the film.

10. Martin Freeman wore a sock during THAT scene…

11. The record industry crowd celebrating Bill Nighy's #1 was made up of Richard and Emma’s friends.

12. Richard Curtis only called Colin Firth’s character Jamie so Richard’s kids could say "I hate uncle Jamie" (Richard's brother is called Jamie).

13. Emma actually stood in for Hugh when they filmed him knocking at the door where the children dance.

14. Olivia Olsen, who performed the Mariah Carey song really did sing it.

15. Richard and Emma’s daughter played the second lobster in the school concert…

16. …and their son played the child with the Spiderman face paint.

17. Apparently the first lobster’s brother had a big storyline, but it got cut.

18. Claudia Schiffer’s ‘son’ in the film was actually Emma’s son’s best friend in real life.

19. Emma played the kissing consultant in the restaurant in Portugal (it was actually filmed in Marseille, and yes, it’s real job).

20. In the original edit, Sam did parkour all the way through Heathrow airport to find his girlfriend.

21. Joanna gave Sam a handful of glitter, which is what he throws on the floor when Liam Neeson hugs him.

22. The Portuguese restaurant owner won the Biggest Moustache Of The Year award, which is why they cast him.

23. The blonde that Bill Nighy arrives at the airport with at the end of the flm is now married to Vic Reeves.

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