12 Reasons We <3 Leonardo DiCaprio Unconditionally


The exact moment you fell in love with him varies – in Titanic (swoooon), in Romeo + Juliet (swoon), The Beach (bit 90s boyband) – but his dreaminess won us all over in the end. And he's made the transition from teen hottie to uber-fanciable man SO seamlessly (even when accompanied 98.9% of the time by his shamelessly typecast gfs)! Kudos Leo, kudos.

He absolutely CLEANED UP at 2016’s awards season (even after vapegate) — having already won Best Actor awards at the SAGs, the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs AND (finally) the Oscars! Not only that but he’s seen as a legit figure in the eco scene (and no wonder when he uses his speech ops to wax lyrical about the cause! Good man). Have you seen Leo’s Instagram? No, it’s not loads of pictures of his beautiful beautiful face but sharks and rhinos and cute baby seals.

There’s TOO many reasons to rate Leo, but here are the biggest…

1) Has everyone seen that watergun picture? It’s the most genius thing to ever have been captured on camera… Leo, with his inexplicably sexy dadbod AND uber-goaty goatee, running and laughing makes for the epitome of pure lols.

2) Cowspiracy is EXCELLENT. The reason most vegetarians have chosen that path is down to the documentary which raises awareness of the effect eating meat has on the environment, and Leo co-executively produced the Netflix cut which was released in 2015.


3) He truly has the most diverse filmography of anyone ever. Yes – he’s been pipped to that Oscar post too many times over the years (you may have heard it mentioned) but now he's FINALLY done it! Thank GOD.


4) The fact that he’s been nominated and not won the Best Actor Academy Award five times – with his 2016 nomination for The Revenant TBC – and has dealt with it with pure dignity. (2016 is your year, Leo!)


5) He must be dreamy IRL as his co-stars fall in love with him too… Think of Kate and Leo’s ongoing love-in, that keeps making for the cutest red carpet photo ops (and GIFS). And Tom Hardy.

6) That one time he tried to speak Italian to the Pope – and the media went MAD for it (mostly because he can’t really speak Italian).


7) We love a philanthropist actor and Leo takes his environmental role very seriously.

8) You’ve got to respect Leo for his totally shameless ‘type’ – blonde, tall, slim, beautiful, (Sports Illustrated) model, mid twenties… That’ll be Leo’s new gf.


9) That time he was seen out with a selfie stick in Italy… We felt like yelling: ‘You’re Leonardo DiCaprio! Pretty much everyone in the world would kill to take your holiday pictures’.

10) Causing the biggest uproar in the whole of 2016, Leo shamelessly VAPED his way through the SAG Awards. Leo man, have you not seen the hounding vapers get? And for a good reason – they’re RIDICULOUS.

11) But he makes up for it in the cute way he dresses – like a normal man (albeit one that doesn't seem to age) with the occasional sassy sartorial move, like these slip-on sneaks.


12) And last but not (at all) least – he’s pretty much the most beautiful person ever. Here’s proof…

And here too…


And here…

And even here…

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