12 Eco Clothing Brands That Are Actually Nice


Even those of us who are pushing natural skincare and pescatarianism right now find the prospect of eco-friendly clothes more of a challenge.

Everyone thinks about t-shirts with slogans about beach cleans, see-through woven hemp harems and thin tie-dye hoodies that, while they’ll fit just fine with your sustainable island retirement plan, aren’t necessarily everyday-office-life-appropriate. But, turns out, it’s not all like that anymore.

If your wardrobe consists of white shirts, t-shirts and jeans, with a few Breton stripes thrown in, odds are you could probably go eco.

Here are the brands you just need to know about, and what they’re good for…

1. Pitusa

The dresses and off-shoulder tops are perf for your summer, festivals and holidays.

2. Reformation

We all love the dresses — dream bridesmaid, I think so — but there’s more to the v fashiony site. And it’s definitely worth the postage.

3. Weekday

Good for jeans and staples — and it’s properly affordable.

4. Stella

Seems like an obvious one but don’t forget Stella McCartney’s BEAUTIFUL eco-friendly clothes.

And she's confirmed she's going to do menswear which will make its debut in November! So not long to wait, vegetarian men!
5. Svilu

Ideal for cool lose-fit clothes like summery dresses, culottes and shorts.

6. H&M Conscious

Perfectly reasonably priced and fash-forward, the Conscious collection has some smart pieces for wedding season shopping.

7. Edun

The sustainable fashion brand’s pieces are a dream.

8. Chinti & Parker

It’s THE place for organic cashmere and they’re branching out more and more — into Bretons, summer dresses, shirts and shoes.

9. Kowtow

Certified organic cotton clothing in classic but cool oversized shirts, dresses, boxy jackets and culottes.

10. Amour Vert

Characterful ethical and sustainable pieces, if you’re not just all about basics.

11. Rapanui

If you’re not about the slogan tees then avoid the women’s section and go straight to men’s for more classic cut jersey and wool jumpers.

12. Ankura

Shop wearable, urban separates from this ethical brand, which pays workers fair wages and takes pride in using local products from Peru.

Yes, there's some annoying P&P costs but it is WELL worth it… You can't put a price on the environment. (No, but seriously.)

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