10 Times Ed Sheeran Proved He’s The Most Real Pop Star There Is


Ed Sheeran’s success knows no bounds right now. He’s currently competing with himself to take the No.1 spot in the UK singles chart with his two new songs "Shape Of You" and "Castle On The Hill", and has just been named the “Biggest male pop star on the planet” by GQ. Yet somehow he has kept his feet firmly on the ground.
Sure, he's a really, really nice guy, but what we love most about him is how he's enjoying fame, full-throttle, no-hold-bars and with no filters. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed is proof that all those platinum records haven't gone to Ed’s head – he’s just as likely to share a snap of his latest magazine cover as he is himself having a pint down the pub.

Is there anyone more real than Ed in the world of pop right now? We think not. Here's the times that prove he's the pop star that gives zero fucks about revealing the real him…

1. When he got wasted at the BRITs

When it comes to awards cermonies, Ed knows how to celebrate in style: by hitting the free bar, HARD. After celebrating his double-win at the BRITs in 2015, he was so tipsy he had to be taken home by his minder and apparently walked straight into a lampost on the way out. We've all been there, Ed.

2. When he sung at the VS Show and rubbed shoulders with the Angels

The Ed Files

His excitement was palpable when he joined Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and co. on stage in 2014.

3. When he partied so hard with Princess Beatrice and James Blunt that he got cut by a sword (yes, that really happened)

In what is one of the bizzarest celebrity stories ever, Edwas rushed to hospital with a cut to the head after a dinner party at Princess Beatrice's. Bea was pretending to knight fellow guest James Blunt with a vintage sword when Ed got caught in the crossfire.

4. When he sung with these "Ladz"

Yes, that's The Rolling Stones. No big deal.

5. And when he did a duet with Beyonce at the Grammys

You could literally see the words "OMG, she's touching me" running through his head. Proof Ed is all of us.

6. When he issued this diss to Bruno Mars and proved he can get away with anything

Off the back of Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift's famously awkward Twitter feud in 2015, Ed and Bruno decided to wade in on the action with a fake row. Ed issued this literal low blow at his fellow pop star, but naturally, Bruno took it in his stride.

7. When he shared this sneak preview of his rider

Pop stars have been known to include everything from Versace towels, to kittens, to all-white bouquets in their outrageous rider requests, but not Ed Sheeran. His order could probably be fulfilled at the local caf. Further proof he's the anti-diva.

8. When he revealed that his mates can't stop sending him memes of himself

I thought it was a normal photo at first

Even superstar Ed isn't immune to getting ribbed by their mates. In a recent interview for Noisy he explained his hate-hate relationship with memes of himself: "There’s loads of them, and all of my mates will send them to me over the course of 6 months… I’m like of course I’ve f***ing seen it, everyone sends it to me!"

9. When he joked that Mick Hucknell is his dad

This photo is perfect.

10. When he celebrated his birthday with pints and fried fish

Continued below…

Gourmet meals and champagne? Pah, as if. Ed was all about pints and deep fried food on his 26th birthday.

Seriously – just what exactly did we all DO before there was Ed Sheeran?

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